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Подробнее о Elisabetta

1. How old are you and where are from?

I'm 27 years old and I was born in 1988 in the north of Italy, precisely in Reggio Emilia.

2. Is Italian your native language?

My native language is Italian and I learnt it when I started elementary school in my country.

3. Do you have any teaching diploma? If yes, when did you get it and what is it?

Yes, I got my teaching diploma and degree in 2011 when I graduated from the Italian and foreign languages University located in Bologna.

4. When did you start teaching and why?

I officially started teaching as a school teacher in 2011 because I love supporting people in learning. My mum is a teacher too and she has always transmitted me the sense of satisfaction and pleasure you gain in doing it. I really like teaching and transmitting my experience to students.

5. How many students have you taught in general?

I have taught to  50 people more or less and I have spent 7 hours per day in teaching.

6. What methods and materials do you use in your classes?

My classes are original and creative. I hate teaching in a boring way hence I have always tried to teach the students making them amused. For instance during my classes we have a little  chat in which every student tell me about his day or week; then we go on discussing about some grammar topic which I explain to him and we do some exercises in order to control his comprehension about the topic we faced. Then I continue doing some vocabulary exercises especially crosswords which enjoy everybody and improve the language. In alternative to this I give students some article taken from newspaper or magazine which has an interesting topic to be discussed. Sometimes I give oral comprehension with relevant exercise (often popular song lyrics to be completed) in order to test also the oral part of the student. Finally we have a chat in which we talk about the future program and arrangements  the students have. Concerning materials I use my teaching books as well as downloaded material from various teaching website.

7. What types of educational programs do you teach?

I generally teach general conversation as well as exam preparation, classes for kids and language for special purposes. I have a wide range of students who have different aim and goal to pursuit

8. Tell as much as you can about your experience.

I have 10 years of experience and I have taught in private way as well as in groups of 5 people maximum. I teach in a language school located in Italy and I teach online through skype. I generally teach to children from 7 years old to 27 years old (compulsory school and university too) and adults till 50 years old who want to improve their languages because of work or simply because they are fascinated in learning a new language. 

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