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Idioms for people (Advanced level). Английский для продвинутых

Idioms for people (Advanced level). Английский для продвинутых

Idioms for people (Advanced level). Английский для продвинутых

The best thing to remember new vocabulary better is to repeat it! So that's why I decided to make this list of idioms for people that Julia taught us last time. Below the list you can find an exercise to check your understanding. 

a chatterbox - talks all the time and never stops 

a busybody - always gossips and talks about people

a yes-man - always agrees with other people

a pain in the neck - a bothersome annoying person

a dark horse - a mysterious or shy person who unexpectedly turns out to be the best at something

a black sheep - an odd or disreputable member of a group, especially within a family

a life and soul - a fun person who is in the center of a party

an old hand - is experienced at a certain activity

a whiz kid - a young person who is exceptionally talented or proficient at a given subject 

set in one's ways - unchangeable, inflexible, fixed in one's habits

Now test yourself!

1. My brother is a real (?)  . He never argues or has other opinion than other people do.

2. Apparantly, your son Nick knows what he's doing. He's a real  (?) .

3. It seems that Margaret knows everything about everyone. She's our local  (?) .

4. You can never enjoy the silence if Mikes's near. He's a real  (?) .

5. It was very annoying of her. Sometimes Ann could be a real  (?) .

6. Peter is (?)  . I couldn't imagine he is a voice of a rock group.

7. Katrin has got plenty of experience. She's (?)  at the job.

8. My grandfather does the same things every day. He's very  (?) .

9. Jack never obeys his family rules and tradicions. He's the (?) of the family.

10. I'm glad Caren will come tomorrow. She's always the (?)  of the party. 


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