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19 time expressions - 19 выражений о времени на английском

19 time expressions - 19 выражений о времени на английском

This week Julia and I talked about time. I leant many new expressions but I decided to include as many as I could remember in this list. Enjoy!

to have time left - to have enough time before something /time remaining

to  be run out of time - not have any time left before smth

to give someone a hard time - to make a situation difficult or unpleasant for smb

a curfew - a requirement to return before a specified time, usually in the evening or night

to be short of time - not having enough time

to give oneself more time - to free some more time for yourself

to save time - to do smth to reduce the amount of time smth would normally take

to kill time - make time pass quickly

to take your time - not to hurry

to take up a lot of one's time - to fill your time

to be on time - punctually at agreed time

to be in time - to be early enough to do smth

with time to spare - with more than enough time

me time - time for yourself

to have time on one's hands - more free time than you actually want

a matter of time - it's inevitable that smth will happen

time's up - the allotted  time for smth has expired

for the time being - for the moment

about time - smth should have happened before now 


Is everything clear? Test your understanding right now!

19 time expressions - 19 выражений о времени на английском

1. Marta always leaves home early to come to the station (?)

2. She likes to (?)  drinking coffee or reading a book while waiting for her train. 

3. Mike is so unpuctual! He's never (?) .

4. Do you think we will come (?) ? We've got only 10 min (?) .

5. When I was a teenager, my   (?)  was 10 PM and if I came later, my parents   (?) .

6. Could to talk to me now? - Oh, no, darling, I'm sorry, I'm very   (?) .

7. Tom's mom retired a couple of months ago and now is thinking about what to do with all that time she's got   (?) .

8. Het, guys!   (?) ! Stop writing and hand in your papers, please. 

9. If you want to have children, you should know, they will   (?) .

10. When I have to take an exam or test, usually I worry so much that can't even focus on the topic, as a result I always   (?) .

11. - I wish I was married and had a couple of kids. - Don't worry, dear, it's just a   (?)

12. - Your laptop is old and doesn't work properly. It's   (?)  you got a new one - but I can't afford it right now, so I have to continue with this one   (?)

13. It's very popular among women to go to spa where they can have some   (?) .


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