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Love in Phrasal Verbs

"Cos every time I seem to fall in love

Crash! Boom! Bang!”

Roxette/ song “Crash!Boom!Bang!”

Every time I go to a bar there is always a man hitting on me. Then he asks me out. When having a date we get along. Ohhh! Afterwards we hang out a lot. As the result I fall for him. But what always happens - he starts cheating on me. And then even worse - he tries to jerk me around. I will never carry on any relations if I see My man making out with the other girl. So I break up with him. That just brings me down. So I need some time to get over.
And every time that happens I tell myself: "Come on! Cheer up! You need to put yourself together, get him out of your mind. You need to find a man you can count on, but not the one who hooks up with every girl”
And then I do it over

• hit on - say or do things that demonstrate romantic or sexual interest in that person
• ask somebody out - invite the person to go on a date (a romantic encounter)
• get along - like each other
• hang out - spend time relaxing
• fall for somebody - fall in love with
• cheating on - kiss or have sex with another woman
• jerk somebody around - manipulate her or use her for his own advantage
• carry on - continue at the same rate
• making out with - kiss very passionately
• break up - end a relationship
• bring down - make unhappy
• get over - overcome a problem
• cheer up - make happier
• put oneself together - to become calm and behave normally again after being angry or upset
• get somebody out of one’s mind - stop thinking about or wanting someone or something
• count on - rely on
• hook up with - have sex with
• do something over - do something again 

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