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9 idioms related to money

9 idioms related to money - shko-la.ruLast time Julia and I talked about money, wellness and our attidute towards it. And there are some expressions that were new to me. Not all but the most part at least. 

Enjoy! And don't forget to test your comprehension by the exercise below the list!

1. Money doesn't grow on trees - you don't get money for nothing and should spend it carefully

2. To be tight-fisted - to be mean, not generous

3. To cost an arm and a leg - to be very expensive, to cost a fortune

4. To make ends meet - Not to earn enough money to be able to buy necessary things

5. To be in the red - to be in debt

6. A daylight robbery - charge far too much

7. To tighten one's belts - to spend less money

8. To live beyond one's means - to spend more than one can afford

9. To be broke - to have no money

9 idioms related to money

Now test your comprehension!  

1. Have you heard about John? He has sold everything! He must have been completely


2. Your parents-in-law should be really  (?)  if they didn't buy anything for your children. 

3. Have you seen Frank's new car? Oh, it's amazing! And must have  (?) .

4. Steve is so careless! He lives with his mom, takes her money and lives (?) .

5. Honey, I've got bad news for you. I lost my job and now till I find a new one, we'll have to (?) .

6. When my son asks me to buy him another toy, I always say that (?) . 

7. What?! Did you really paid so much for that?! I can't believe it! It's (?) .

8. Mom, I'm (?) . Could you borrow me some money please?



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