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21 слово, описывающее ЗВУКИ

В наше прошлое занятие с Юлией дело дошло до этих маленьких и похожих друг на друга словечек, из-за которых я еще в школе не полюбила английский язык. А все потому, что эти словечки имеют тьму значений, которые так плохо укладываются и запоминаются в моей голове. Но я не теряю надежды :) И знаю, что повторение - мать учения. Чем я, собственно, и занимаюсь, когда пишу и публикую эти материалы. Итак, прошу любить и жаловать: 21 словечко, описывающее ЗВУКИ! 

Внимание: все эти слова могут быть как существительными, так и глаголами. Удобненько, правда? :)

1. Bang is a loud sound that one hears when something falls down, or a gun shoots.
2. We hear buzz when a bee or a fly or a mosquito flies near us.
3. Click - do you need an explanation?))
4. Crash - oh, any driver knows that sound)))
5. Wood creaks, doors creak, gates creak too.
6. You crunch when you eat crackers and then you usually have to sweap crunches off the table ))
7. Sometimes water drips from old taps. Or after a rain we hear drops dripping from roofs.
8. Snakes sometimes hiss, as well as cats. 
9. Impatient drivers hoot when the car before them doesn't move.
10. When you don't remember lyrics of a song but remember the melody, you hum it. 
11. Rattle - loud unpleasant sounds. Wheels can rattle, people can rattle, plates, shots, bombs, windows and many other things too :)
12. Lions, bears and tigers roar.
13. Girls screech when they get frightened.
14. When my son gets angry, he would leave the room and slam the door :)
15. When children drink water, they usually slurp and adults tell them: ¨Don't slurp please.¨
16. Dogs sniff and people sniff too when they have a running nose.
17. Oh, when a person snores at night while sleeping, that can make you mad :)
18. When somebody jumps into water (a swimming pool or sea), he or she makes splashes!
19. You can tap not only a button. You can also tap with you fingers or feet when you are nervous, for example.
20. Clocks tick loudly in a silent room.
21. If a person whistles in a house, he will lose money - that's a Russian superstition :)

Вот здесь - - вы можете сделать упражнение, которое было в нашем учебнике. А ниже - предложения, которые составила я сама. Но они все равно похожи, так что, думаю, сложности с заполнением не возникнет. Потренируемся? :)

21 слово, описывающее ЗВУКИ

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1. Could you, please, eat quietly, without  (?) .

2. Tom pushed his best friend Mike and he fell into a swimming pool with a big  (?)

3. If you don't want the program to get installed, just  (?)   "Cancel". 

4. If someone near me  (?)   all the time, I usually go somewhere else, because I don't like it and I'm afraid of getting infected.

5. I can't sleep if a fly or mosquito  (?)   around.

6. Usually you hear the (?)   of brakes and only then a loud (?)   if a car accident happens nearby.

7. Usually drivers start to (?)   in around 5 seconds if the first car in the row isn't moving.

8. I can always say who exactly is entering the room by the way the floorboard (?)

9. If you don't turn the tap off properly, it will (?) and we will lose all the water. 

10. Everyone kept silence. The only sound that we heard was the clock's  (?)

11. Do you often (?)   your fingers on the table if you are waiting for someone?

12. Who (?)   louder - a bear or a lion?

13. I'm afraid of snakes. Especially when they (?)

14. Don't (?)   the door of my car, please. It'll close fine even if you do it gently.

15. - What was it?
- What do you mean?
- Didn't you hear that (?)  ?
- Oh, don't worry, it's just kids playing in the yard.

16. Are you enjoying the way the snow is (?)   under our feet as much as I do?

17. - You never remember the words.
- Right, but I always can (?)   the tune.

18. Before getting married, make sure your partner doesn't  (?) , otherwise your marriage won't be happy :)

19. The referee (?)   but nobody reacted.

20. The wind was so strong that the windows (?)  terribly.


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