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Подробнее о Carmina

1. How old are you and where are from? 

I was born in 1971 in the Philippines.

2. Is English your native language? If not where and when did you learn it?

I'm not a native speaker, but due to our state rules we are obliged to learn English since our childhood, so I started to learn in at elementary school.

3. Do you have any teaching diploma? If yes, when did you get it and what is it?

I've got a TESOL certificate in 2012

4.When did you start teaching and why?

I started to teach online in 2007. It gave me much more freedom in life and besides it gave me an opportunity to meet people from different countries without leaving my own place. I learn a lot from my students as well.

5. How many students have you taught in general?

Since 2007 I've taught several hundreds of students.

6.What technics, methods, material do you use in your classes?

As all of my students have different levels, there are not only adults but children as well, each time I look for adequate material for his or her level, that would satisfy his needs and get him closer to his goals. My materials consist of different teaching book, special articles from newspapers and magazines, audio and video materials too.

7. Tell as much as you can about your experience.

I've taught all types of students - adults and children from 7 years old. I've taught individually and in group class, I've taught of all levels from beginner to advanced. I've prepared some of them for examinations as well.

Кармина - само очарование. Прочтите Отзывы об уроках с Carmina, а еще лучше - пройдите бесплатный пробный урок английского языка по скайп с Carmina прямо сейчас!


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