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Подробнее о Юлии

1. How old are you and where are from?

I’m 24 and I am from Nikolaev, Ukraine. But I’m currently living and working in Odessa. Ukraine.

2. Is English your native language?

English didn’t use to be my native language, but I’ve been teaching so much that it definitely became.

3. Do you have any teaching diploma? If yes, when did you get it and what is it?

I studied English philology at University and got my Masters degree in teaching. When I was at University I passed two Cambridge Teaching exams and got TKT diplomas (University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Teaching Knowledge Test. Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations Teaching Knowledge Test. Language and background to language learning and teaching) One year ago I took CELTA course and received internationally approved certificate CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Now I’m getting the certificate of the Pearson Examiner.

4. When did you start teaching and why?

I started teaching when I was a student. I realized that I need rather practical knowledge than theoretical. Since that time I’ve been teaching for 6 years.

5. How many students have you taught in general?

That’s a difficult question. Haven’t counted the amount yet. But I can say that I’m currently teaching 11 groups (with the 14 students in each) and have got 5 one-to-one students.

6. What technics, methods, material do you use in your classes?

I find communicative approach the most effective one in the combination of other approaches e.g lexical. I use huge variety of books; the choice depends on the students’ needs. I prefer using Pearson’s books: Speakout, Language Leader, Lifestyle, etc. I find them effective with great number of listening, grammar and vocabulary activities.

7. Tell as much as you can about your experience.

As I’ve mentioned above I started teaching when I was a student. I was a part time teacher in a language school and this first experience was priceless. At that time I worked with mini-groups and one-to-one students but then I moved to Odessa and started teaching big groups with a large number of students. For these six years I’ve been teaching both general and business English as well as teaching kids. At this moment I’m working with kids, corporate clients, one-to-one and Skype students.

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