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How to motivate our students? Webinar for language tutors

On April, 2nd, 2016 we held a 3d free webinar for tutors and the topic was "How to motivate our students?"

We talked and discussed:

1. Defining motivation

2. External sources of motivation

3. Motivating yourself

4. Understanding your learners

5. Motivating different age groups

6. Diversity in the classroom.

Who held the webinar?

Our leading tutor - Julia! 

3 facts about Julia

- TKT (2010), TKT (2011), CELTA (2014)

- 6 years of intense experience

- 100% satisfied students 

You can download the webinar "How to motivate our students?" only for RUB 300  / USD 5 / EUR 5  

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How to motivate our students?


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