Онлайн школа иностранных языков

Подробнее о Claudia

1. Hello! Who are you and where are you from?

Hello! I'm Claudia from Germany.

2. Is German your native language? If not where and when did you learn it?

Yes, German is my mother tongue.

3. Do you have any teaching diploma? If yes, when did you get it and what is it?

I've got my diploma of teaching german from the University of Athens and it is in “German and Greek Philology”. I studied with the University of Kassel in Germany and the Goethe-Institut of Munich “German as a foreign language” too.

4. When did you start teaching and why?

First I start teaching in 1989 in a foreign language school in Athens, because I love teaching and interacting with people from different cultures.
Starting teaching in private language schools I worked with children, youngsters and adults aged 8 to 52 getting them prepared for the Goethe diplomas A1-B1

5. How many students have you taught in general?

I've prepared more than 600 students and I spent more than 26000 hours of teaching.

6. What technics, methods, material do you use in your classes?

“Communicative language teaching” is my approach and I try to set up authentic situations so that students motivation to learn comes from their desire to communicate in real life. In classes I use either an interactive whiteboard, worksheets, memory cards, course books or magazines. I participated in the Multi- Media -Courses 1,2,3 from the Goethe-Institut Munich and then I started to teach online. In Online courses I use among a lot of links digital worksheets, blogs, Worddocuments ,PPP , Webquests and digital course books.

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