Онлайн школа иностранных языков

Преподаватель английского языка по скайпу Наталия


1) How old are you and where are from?

I’m 26 and I’m from Makeyevka, Ukraine.

2) Is English your native language?

No, Russian is my native language.

3) Do you have any teaching diploma? If yes, when did you get it and what is it?

I got my Diploma in teaching English from Gorlovka Institute for Foreign Languages in 2011.

4) When did you start teaching and why?

During my first visit to the USA in 2009 I didn't feel confident about speaking English to others even though I had spent a  long time studying it. On returning home I understood that I wanted to help others to overcome the difficulties everyone might be experiencing. Since then teaching has become my life’s work.

5) How many students have you taught in general?

I have taught in Donetsk Academy of Motor Transport for 3 years and my classes have ranged from 8 to 20 students per class. I have also done many private classes with individuals, and also with small groups of 2 to 4 people. The individuals that I have taught range from different backgrounds and ages. I have taught children as young as 6, but have also taught professionals and young adults. I have worked with people who have little knowledge of the English language, and also with people who have a very high level. I adapt my classes to the individuals needs and always try to make them fun.

6) What technics, methods, material do you use in your classes?

I use the "communicative approach". The emphasis is mostly on training and development of the students’ communicative skills. In this way they can use their knowledge outside the classroom in real life situations. I use contemporary course books and the use of visual aids, audio- and visual materials are compulsory at the lessons.

7) Tell as much as you can about your experience.

As I`ve previously mentioned I’ve gained lots of experience with different types of students and levels. I've had students who don't know the days of the week all the way up to students studying for the First Certificate in English.

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